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Enriching Programs That Build Skills

Biondi Reopening School Plan
As we work to ensure continued education and support for the children in our Biondi Education Center through Covid, please see the full reopening plan at or download the following documents for the 2020-2021 school year: our full reopening plan and addendum, our remote learning plan, internal contact tracing protocol, a testing notification, and our Sports Program Safety Plan.

The Biondi School is an accredited, nurturing, therapeutic learning environment dedicated to providing a holistic education, emphasizing academic, physical, cultural diversity and social foundations. Highly invested staff recognize that our students are unique individuals whose developmental needs, abilities, interests, styles of learning and experiences must be enriched to ensure their future success.

Personal Support for Individual Success

The right support in the appropriate environment is critical to everyone’s success. When students have not found the support or environment they need in traditional public schools, our Biondi Middle and High School offers them individualized attention so they can increase their confidence, which helps them learn and achieve academic and personal success. By identifying what motivates and excites each student, we differentiate our program elements to engage students as active participants in their own learning process and foster individual student success.

A New York State Education Department accredited, year-round special education school, the Biondi Middle and High School provides educational and therapeutic support to both residential and day students from the New York City and Westchester areas who have behavioral and emotional challenges, learning disabilities, or intellectual/developmental disabilities. Students enjoy the opportunity to join our Young Men’s Academy, Young Women’s Academy, or our Academy for Career and Occupational Studies.  We help our students overcome severe academic deficits and complete high school, prepared with the academic and vocational tools they need to enter college and career. Our graduates are ready to succeed.

Well-Rounded Education

In small classes and with individualized attention, students at the Biondi School participate in a full academic program and receive therapeutic support to address behavioral challenges and increase their emotional stability and coping skills.

Certified teachers, licensed and certified psychologists, social workers, and crisis intervention specialists work with students and parents to set academic, social and behavioral goals, and work on solutions to challenges. Using the evidence-based Positive Behavior and Supports (PBIS) method, our culture celebrates achievement as we focus on student strengths and increased positive behaviors.

Non-academic courses and activities play a large role in strengthening self-confidence and giving students the tools to succeed. Participation in art, music, computer and science labs, team sports as well as field trips to artistic performances, museums and other enriching opportunities open students’ eyes to new learning experiences that enhance what is learned in the classroom. These richly diverse experiences encourage them to develop skills, work with others and increase self-esteem through accomplishment.

Preparing for the Future

Students have the opportunity to earn a Regents diploma — which can lead to college enrollment — as well as pursue vocational studies to enter the workforce directly upon graduation. Many of the students we support come to us several grade levels behind in reading and math. No matter the challenge, we work with students and their families to determine the best pathway to a successful future through the various offerings within the New York State Core Curriculum. Then we help them start down that path by providing academic and vocational training.

For students who want an alternative pathway to success, we offer vocational and work-study opportunities in many areas, such as cosmetology, HVAC and plumbing, and our upcoming culinary arts. We will soon expand to retail customer service, barbering and graphic design.

With our holistic supports, 100% of Biondi High School graduates go on to college, vocational training programs or employment after graduation. They are well prepared to succeed on their own, personalized path to success.

The Biondi Education Center is pleased to participate in the Smart Schools Funding Program of the New York State Education Department. Click here to view our application. If you have comments on the application, please email Dr. Angela White at



From Bullying to High Fives

Just a few years ago, Bryan hated going to school. He was regularly bullied and, to avoid the fights, he often just skipped class. He didn’t expect to graduate. then he transfered to the Biondi School everything changed. The teachers and staff gave him the support he needed to regain his confidence. He found he liked class and made the Honor Roll. He loves his cosmetology vocational training program and has made many friends. He’s also learning valuable skills and gained high self-esteem from his job at Applebee’s, which he got thanks to the support of his teachers.



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