Unaccompanied Migrant Child Program

Unaccompanied Migrant Child Program


Giving Hope to Migrant Children

Passage of Hope: the journey to hope and opportunity

Each year, thousands of unaccompanied children cross our borders, fleeing violence, abuse, and neglect. After traveling as much as 1,500 miles to reach safety in the U.S., we provide them with the emotional and medical support needed by unaccompanied children, who have no one to advocate for them.

The next step in their journey takes them to a short-term shelter, such as our Passage of Hope Unaccompanied Migrant Child program. After their grueling journey, we help these children be children again. In a nurturing environment, we provide what they have been missing — enough food, clothing, and the opportunity to play and learn.

We provide clinical, therapeutic, educational and case management services while working to link them with family members or other sponsors in the United States. Our goal is to provide these courageous children, who have experienced incredible trauma, with the support, nurturing and care that they need to move forward with their lives and to thrive.

Rising Ground’s portfolio of services also includes providing home studies to determine the appropriateness of sponsors and post-release services to ensure that youth are transitioning well into their new lives in this country.

Preparing for the Next Step

As part of our program, we help reunite the children with the family members or other sponsor they are searching for. We make sure that their new homes will be safe and nurturing by conducting home studies of those who have been waiting for them to arrive. While waiting for a permanent place to live, the children learn about American culture, they learn English, and they attend school. At Passage of Hope, children move from danger to safety, from fear to hope.

Be a Foster Parent

Children from birth to age 14 stay with foster families in the community while we work to reunite them with family or sponsors here in the United States. To learn more about become a foster parent with the Passage of Hope program, download our flyer here or contact us at 914-375-8940 or POH-Homefinding@RisingGround.org

Contact us to learn more about being a foster parent with our Passage of Hope Unaccompanied Migrant Child program.

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