Jamaica Community Partnership

Jamaica Community Partnership

Children, youth, & families
Jamaica, Queens

Connecting Resources to the Community and the Community to Resources

Our Mission

We work with community partners to ensure that every person – children, young adults, and families – in the Jamaica, Queens area have equitable access to resources and opportunities that place them on a path to an improved quality of life.

Our Vision

A just world where every person feels inspired to achieve their fullest potential, participate in, and contribute to activities that affect their lives, families, and their communities.

Who We Are

Community Partnerships are neighborhood coalitions that serve as local hubs for social service providers, community leaders, and residents to share local resources and information, address community needs, design and promote strategies to reduce the potential need for child welfare involvement and support communities to thrive. The partnerships host open, monthly meetings in all five boroughs.

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JCP Resource Guide

Social Capital

Click the link above for organizations who support a referral to Social Capital. Referrals to Social Capital include organizations that support peer and family networks, coaching, and cohort strategies.


Click the link above for organizations who support a referral to Education. Referrals to Education  include organizations that support Early Childhood Development (head start, early head start, child care partnerships, preK, and home visiting) and Postsecondary and Employment Pathways (community college, training and certification, workforce partnerships).

Health and Wellbeing

Click the link above for organizations who support a referral to Health and Wellbeing. Referrals include organizations that support mental, physical, behavioral health, health coverage, and access to care, support for adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress. 

Economic Assets

Click the link above for organizations who support a referral to Economic Assets. Referrals to Economic Assets include organizations that support asset building, housing and public supports, financial capacity, and transportation.

Volunteer With Us!

We encourage the participation of volunteers who support our mission and are willing to contribute. Click here to fill out our volunteer form.

Contact us to learn more

  • Jennifer Delatour, Director
  • JCP@RisingGround.org
  • 91-14 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11432