Community Services

Community Services

Ages Birth to 21

Fostering Health Where You’re Most Comfortable

Our Community Services span New York City, providing access to a variety of programs and resources that address the needs and concerns of community members. In these communities, we support survivors of intimate partner violence, execute strategies that help families thrive, and support youth who have experienced gender-based violence and other forms of trauma and oppression.

The Support Families Need Brought to Them

Mental health, behavioral health, and substance use issues can prevent children and youth from succeeding at school, from forming healthy relationships, and from achieving the mental, emotional, and even physical development needed to prepare for adulthood. These challenges can pose threats to family stability for the whole family, as well. We work with children and youth, as well as their families, to identify barriers to healthy progress and work together to develop a plan for services, brought to youth and their families at home or in the community.

Rising Ground’s Families Rise Every Day program provides a wide range of family and child support services. These mental health and substance use services, available with NYS Children’s Medicaid, give children and youth (to age 21) and their families the power to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life. These services strengthen families and help them make informed decisions about their care. Provided at home or in the community, these services can help:

  • Identify mental health and/or substance use needs early.
  • Provide support in the home and community.
  • Prevent the need for emergency room visits, hospital stays, or out-of-home placements.

Therapy Services

  • Get an assessment for mental health and/or substance use therapeutic needs.
  • Identify strengths and abilities through individual and group therapies, at home or in the community.

Family Peer Services

  • Get support if you are raising youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges. 
  • Find information and resources available that meet your child/youth and family’s needs.

Crisis Intervention

  • Get professional help at home or in the community when a child or youth is distressed and can’t be managed by family, friends and other supports.
  • Get support and help with using crisis plans to de-escalate the crisis and prevent or reduce future’s needs.

Rehabilitation Services

  • Learn to incorporate therapy goals into everyday life and receive extra support managing medication.
  • Build relationships and communicate better with family, friends, and others.
  • Learn self-care, and use coping skills to manage emotions.

Youth Peer Support & Training

  • Work with peers with similar experience to develop skills to manage health challenges and be independent.
  • Make connections to natural supports and resources.
  • Get help to prepare for the transition to the adult health system.


Who can get these services?

Children and youth (to age 21) who are covered by Medicaid and have mental health and/or substance use needs can benefit from our community-based services at no additional cost. These services are covered by regular Medicaid or a Medicaid Managed Care plan, if you are already enrolled.

To learn more about receiving our Community Based Services, contact us.

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