Support for People Who Cause Harm

Support for People Who Cause Harm

Community members who could cause harm in relationships
Brooklyn & Bronx

Preventing Harm and Promoting Healthy Relationships

Respect + Responsibility

There are a number of reasons people cause harm in their intimate relationships. A combination of early learned behaviors, past traumatic experiences, life stressors, and adherence to strict gender roles based on gender inequality can create conditions for unhealthy relationship behaviors. These can intensify and become patterns of abuse toward an intimate partner.

Our Respect + Responsibility program is a community program for people who do not want to cause harm in their intimate relationships and are looking for guidance on being accountable for their behavior while learning about healthier alternatives. Respect + Responsibility is designed with a holistic approach to help participants reflect on and take ownership of harmful behaviors and examine personal factors that sustain those behaviors, all the while receiving one-on-one therapeutic support and additional case management to address social services needs necessary to thrive.

Recognizing how trauma influences the way we relate to ourselves and to others, encouraging participants on their healing journeys and motivating behavior change by building hope, empathy, and self-compassion, are crucial ingredients of the Respect + Responsibility approach.

This unique intervention begins at the ground level by building trust with community members, leaders, and stakeholders, and by engaging in conversations about harm, violence, and accountability in relationships. These conversations must also create a validating space to acknowledge the violence caused by oppressive systems, the health impacts of racism and all forms of marginalization, and the many social inequities that continue to disproportionately affect communities of color in NYC.

The practice of being accountable for one’s actions is a deeply reflective and intimate process that is fostered by love and is grounded in our interdependence. Accountability work with people who cause harm to their intimate partners requires a steadfast and thoughtful commitment to creating a caring and nonjudgmental space where harmful beliefs can be investigated and challenged, while respecting each person’s humanity. It is imperative to hold the painful experiences of survivors and their families as the orienting energy for this necessary work and increasing safety for all as the ultimate goal.

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  • Alvaro Pinzon, Director