Intimate Partner & Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Intimate Partner & Gender-Based Violence Prevention


From Healing to Promoting Healthy Relationships

Healthy and meaningful relationships are key to our well-being. The ability to connect with others, share experiences, and feel a sense of belonging provides stability to our lives. However, within relationships – when one partner is abusive and controlling to another – a relationship that should be a site of love and support can become enormously harmful. When people, predominantly women and their children, are in an environment defined by abuse, fear – for their lives, of losing everything, of shame from their community – it can lead to desperate actions. Beyond physical threats, the trauma of abuse impacts the emotional and mental well-being of survivors and their children.

Our Intimate Partner Violence cadre of programs, STEPS to End Family Violence, is committed to both healing and prevention. We work with survivors and their families to overcome histories of abuse to find positive paths forward. We work with those who have caused or recognize the potential to cause harm to explore root causes and envision healthy relationships. Meanwhile, we work with youth, schools, courts, legislators, and the community at large to advocate for a greater understanding of healthy relationships and how intimate partner violence can lead to any number of subsequent challenges. We are explicitly committed to naming the survivorship of people whose experiences have historically been ignored.

Rising Ground’s work in this area has evolved from a two-person court advocacy project in 1986. STEPS to End Family Violence was founded by the legendary Sister Mary Nerney then after she convened a gathering of women incarcerated at the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility who testified to their histories of battering and its relationship to their criminal charges. This historic event created a call to action that has, in the decades since, expanded into a holistic set of services for survivors of intimate-partner and other forms of gender-based violence, as well as of the communities at large, with wide-reaching focuses on healing, prevention, intervention, and policy advocacy.

Programs That Promise Success


Support for People Who Cause Harm

  • Community members who could cause harm in relationships
  • Brooklyn & Bronx

Preventing Harm and Promoting Healthy Relationships

Our Respect + Responsibility program works with members of the community who wish not to cause harm in their relationships. We work with groups to examine how trauma, social structures, and stress can lead to harmful or abusive behavior and work to envision what healthy relationships can and will look like, focusing on respect and accountability.


Therapeutic & Other Survivor Supports (STEPS)

  • Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence & their families
  • All NYC Boroughs

Helping Survivors Heal

Our intimate partner violence cadre of programs is committed to both healing for those who have been impacted by intimate partner violence and the prevention of further instances of abuse through education, advocacy, and support. We work with survivors of intimate partner violence and their families, as well as provide targeted support for criminalized survivors.