Family Stabilization Services

Families with Children Ages 0 – 18 / Bronx & Manhattan

Building Strong, Nurturing Families

A strong, nurturing family is the foundation of every child’s success. Promoting child safety and prosperity by strengthening and preserving families is at the heart of all our work. Yet, families sometimes struggle to build and maintain a supportive, healthy home where children can thrive.  Our Family Stabilization program offers families facing a wide array of challenges the support they need to remain together. Although families come to us in times of crisis and under stress, they emerge stable, strong, and secure.

Overcoming Challenges to Thrive

We help families discover their own strengths and build upon those strengths using evidence-based models with proven records of achievement. We work with each family and family member to resolve the conflicts that brought them to a crisis point, working toward a belief that change is possible. Then, we work together to create plans that become the roadmap to the family’s — and each family member’s — success.   As families set their own goals, we also guide them to any additional resources needed, such as food, housing, or healthcare. 

And the work isn’t just about helping families address momentary crises. We equip them with communication skills, knowledge of resources and a network of support for today and the future.

A Community-Based Approach

We work with families in their communities to ensure their full participation in the process and build trust. Our social workers visit families in their home so all family members can be included. We tailor plans to be responsive to cultural beliefs and each person’s approach to problem-solving.  Wherever a family is, we meet them at their comfort level — whether it be in their own living room, on a basketball court or at the neighborhood diner.

Thanks to these interventions, we keep 98% of families safely together and prevent foster care placement for hundreds of children each year. 

Fatherhood Initiative

An extension of our Family Stabilization services, the Fatherhood Initiative works with  non-custodial fathers to improve relationships with their children. This free 3-month program helps fathers to obtain greater insights on parenting while also providing programs focused on various life skills that might impact their relationships with their children. The program includes workshops twice a week, one-to-one mentoring services, credit repair workshops, co-parenting workshop, employment assistance, free monthly family activities, and domestic abuse intervention classes.




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