Children’s Learning Center (Manhattan)

Children’s Learning Center (Manhattan)

Children Ages 3-4
Children's Learning Center

Targeted Support to Meet Special Needs

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive. Our Preschool Special Education programs make sure children with special needs and developmental delays get that opportunity.

At our Children’s Learning Center, we create a warm, trusting environment where children feel comfortable to explore the world around them and develop social and emotional skills so they can thrive and grow. Children in our Preschool Special Education programs have varied challenges, including speech impairments, learning disabilities, neurological impairments, developmental disabilities, emotional/behavioral challenges, sensory and cognitive delays, and autism spectrum disorder.

Setting and Achieving Goals

No matter what the challenge, we help children progress toward their personal goals, such as learning to make eye contact, controlling aggressive behaviors and communicating through sign language. We meet each child’s specific developmental and learning objectives through play, individual instruction time, and classroom activities. Trained teachers tailor classroom activities to each child’s unique learning style, personality, strengths and challenges.

In specialized classes – with six, eight or ten children and a teacher and two teaching assistants – students receive individual or group occupational, physical, and speech therapy and the counseling needed to support their development. 40% of our special-education preschoolers in integrated settings move onto Kindergarten needing less intensive or no special education services.

Supporting Parents

Because supporting a child with special needs brings unique challenges, we help parents learn too. Through conversations with teachers about daily activities and approaches to meet their children’s particular needs, we give parents the tools they need to continue supports at home so every child can achieve his or her potential. Parent support groups offer a safe space in which parents can discuss the challenges they face with other parents and share solutions.

Program Features

  • New York State Certified Teachers
  • Teacher assistants in every classroom
  • Small, specialized classes for children with more significant needs
  • Spacious, well equipped, modern facility
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Family and Parent Support
  • Support and training for parents and families in how to support children with special needs.
  • All services available to children and families in English and Spanish.
  • Therapeutic and Clinical Supportive Services
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Individual and group counseling

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The Children’s Learning Center in upper Manhattan offers special education preschool classes that make sure that children with special needs and developmental delays get the opportunity to learn and thrive in an environment that meets their needs. In both integrated and specialized classes, we help children progress toward their developmental goals through play, individual instruction time, and classroom activities. Occupational, physical, and speech therapy, as well as counseling are also provided.

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