2022 Fall Benefit

2022 Fall Benefit

Thank you for your support

helping NYC children, adults & families find positive paths forward!

Friends and partners joined us at 2022 Fall Benefit at the Bowery Hotel on Wednesday, September 14, to celebrate our work helping New York City children, adults, and families overcome adversity. We rely on donors like you to create programs that are effective and create a lasting impact in the lives of New Yorkers who face a wide range of challenges. Guests were delighted to hear from CEO Alan Mucatel and learn about the important work being done in our Family Foster Care program, hearing from Vice President for Family Foster Care Debra McCall and Homefinding Supervisor Samantha Dunn. The event also features a service auction and silent auction of artwork created by people supported across various programs. The Greg Ruvolo Quintet set the musical mood in this iconic venue!

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