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Justin Thomas-Copeland

Rising Ground Welcomes DDB’s President & Ceo, North America Justin Thomas-Copeland To Board Of Directors

Driven by the Belief and Hope that Every Child Can Succeed, Thomas-Copeland Views Rising Ground’s Inclusive Mission More Important than Ever

Rising Ground Chief Executive Officer Alan Mucatel and Board President Matt Del Percio announced the recent appointment of Justin Thomas-Copeland, President and CEO, North America, of Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), to Rising Ground’s Board of Directors. Thomas-Copeland joins Rising Ground as the global pandemic continues to strain child and social welfare systems, causing a surge of mental health issues in young people.

It’s how Rising Ground has met the challenge—by providing crucial services in education, foster care, and parent advocacy that has helped some of the thousands of children in need—that drew the marketing superstar.

A leader in global marketing for nearly 30 years, Mr. Thomas-Copeland, who grew up in the south London section of Battersea in the 1970s, has long been a champion for inclusion. He learned early on as a child to embrace the racial, gender, sexual, and physical differences of those around him and observed that such uniqueness evolved into strengths. It’s that drive to encourage others to do the same, be it at work or within his own family, that he hopes to put into action at Rising Ground.

“I’m deeply honored to be a part of the work of Rising Ground as I believe in their vision of a future where every child has an equal opportunity to succeed,” Mr. Thomas-Copeland shared.

“I am so excited to welcome Justin to our amazingly talented and dedicated Board of Directors,” said Del Percio, a director at Altman Solon. “Justin is a marketing expert and truly brings a global visionary outlook, along with a desire to make certain that Rising Ground remains financially solvent. His understanding that every human being deserves an equal chance at a good life fits in with everything we do.”

Alan Mucatel shared that Justin Thomas-Copeland’s joining the Board is testament to the great work of the organization: “I realize that Justin could have chosen to spend his time anywhere, yet he picked Rising Ground to focus his commitment. That is a strong measure of support for what we accomplish, and his business strengths and insight will be very welcome as we move forward. Additionally, Justin’s added value as a role model for many of those we support will better help them realize that their own hopes and dreams are limitless.”

About Justin Thomas-Copeland

In his role as DDB North America President and Chief Executive Officer, Justin leads a dynamic region – comprised of a connected regional leadership team and offices across the U.S. and Canada. He is leading a transformational shift to infuse creativity with deeper brand and audience insights to help clients generate innovative and revenue-driving business solutions.

For almost 30 years, Justin has worked in the precision and integrated marketing industry across a number of sectors including technology, financial services, automotive, fashion, health and wellness, and pharma. He has also spent time as a c-suite client driving digital transformation strategies globally. Justin has launched, grown, and regenerated brands using his relentless curiosity of the ever-evolving world of technology, his deep understanding of consumer behavior, and his passion for creativity. He believes that deep insights fuel great creative and the power of diverse teams in business – diversity of background, thought and expertise. Because you can’t make unexpected works with the usual suspects. When he’s not working, on a plane or studying a new language, Justin spends time with his wife and three children.

About Rising Ground

Rising Ground, which changed its name in 2018 from Leake & Watts, is a leading nonprofit human services organization, currently operating more than 50 programs at sites across all New York City boroughs and Westchester County, and employing a workforce of nearly 1,600 people. Daily, it provides children, adults, and families with the resources and skills needed to rise above adversity and positively direct their lives. Rising Ground won the prestigious New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Award in 2014. Founded as an orphanage in 1831, Rising Ground has been at the forefront of supporting evolving community needs and has become a leader in utilizing result-driven, evidence-based practices. Today, the organization’s work is a positive force in the lives of more than 25,000 children, adults, and family members. For more information, visit

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