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Matt Del Percio

Del Percio Is New Rising Ground Board President

At 38, Matt Del Percio is the youngest person to take the helm as president of Rising Ground’s Board of Directors, bringing a fresh point of view along with an inquisitive and analytical mind to the position. As a principal at consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Co., he is an expert on data-driven analysis and strategic planning in three important fields: technology, media, and telecom.

Matt has big plans for Rising Ground. He frequently advises clients of consumer trends. As Board President, he wants to use that insight to engage a broader and more diverse audience, including younger partners, volunteers, and donors.

“I want to expand the reach and awareness we have in New York, which is already high in the circles we run in but low in circles where we can find an audience,” he explains. “The trend is that young people gravitate to organizations that stand for something. Rising Ground believes that every individual has the ability to change and grow with our support. That’s a belief that will appeal to this audience.”

Matt also wants to significantly increase fundraising.

“Being a human services agency in New York is becoming tougher and tougher,” he says. “We’re trying to do more and more with fewer dollars.” This means, he says, the board will closely monitor program quality and safeguard the organization’s financial stability.
Matt’s own support of Rising Ground began serendipitously. His mother-in-law is long-time Rising Ground supporter and former Board member Beth Renyi. She invited Matt and his wife, who had recently moved to New York, to our 2011 gala.

“I remember listening to Alan [Mucatel] and listening to the stories of some of the people the organization cares for,” he recalls. “They described how our support enabled them to overcome adversity. It was impossible not to be moved by their speeches and the difficult circumstances they faced. That night, the value and impact of Rising Ground’s services became very real to me.”

Matt was hooked. He and his wife continued to attend Rising Ground events and learn about the organization. In 2015, Matt joined the Board. Matt says his role on the Board has added another dimension to his life.

“I’m very happy with my career, working through complex issues and advising clients, but the outcomes of this kind of work can be less tangible,” he says. “I am inspired by the tangible outcomes at Rising Ground.”

He’s also inspired by the organization’s people who give 100 percent every day to make New York a better place for children and families. “The Board’s job is to support Rising Ground directors and staff so they can support people who have real needs,” he says. “That’s where I and the Board can make a real impact.”