Associate Board

The Rising Ground Associate Board was founded in October 2017 with 10 founding members and has since grown in membership and scope. Through their own time, talent, and resources, the Associate Board is helping to expand the capacity and advance the mission of Rising Ground. Throughout the year, the Associate Board hosts fundraising events and engages in various volunteer and community activities.

Associate Board Members

Conor Brennan-Burke
Boston Consulting Group

Karina Bustamante
Deutsche Bank

Gabby Busche
Sycamore Partners

Ryuk Byun
Morgan Stanley

Sarah Byun
NYC Ballet

Alexandra Carmichael

Kate Coletti
Bloomberg Philanthropies

Kate Corgel

Adam Feldman
Varsity Healthcare Partners

Catherine Forbes

Thomas Gallagher

Katherine Greissman

Shirley Hambleton
Ropes & Gray

Fah Islam
Chase Bank

Jonelle Johnson

Remington Knight
Omers Private Equity

Jay Kornder

Nicole Kraus
Teladoc, Inc.

Jean Laguerre

Katy Martinez

Katia Mickisch
Goldman Sachs

Knut Nyman
Nordic Capital

Luigi Racanelli

Heather Reisner

Sheldon Sumpter 
NYU School of Law

Dianne Telesford-Gibbs
Prudential Financial

Rozaliya Tsaneva

Rebecca Velanis
Deutsche Bank

David Wong
Cooley, LLP

Alfonso Zamarripa
Donna Karan / DKNY

Emily Zarow-Lange

Interested in Joining the Rising Ground Associate Board?

Being a part of the Rising Ground Associate Board is a fulfilling and effective way for young professionals to give back AND connect with like-minded peers, network with industry leaders, and learn new skills. You will join forces with a group of community-minded professionals who use their skills and experiences to have an impact on a cause and the community you care about. Through this opportunity, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership and other skills, form valuable relationships, and gain a wider perspective of the world. In addition to participating in the Associate Board, members are invited to join a committee (i.e. Finance, Human Resources) of the full Board where they can learn more about board service and other areas of interest.

For more information, contact us at or 212-602-5847.