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At the Biondi School, special education is special

The Biondi Education Center is for students K-12 with a learning disability, emotional disorder, autism, and/or other health impairment. Biondi is a tuition-free fully accredited, state-approved school that provides year-round specialized education services. With small classes and an individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s needs, students who have not had success in their local public school can thrive at Biondi and can go on to achieve high school graduation.


We work with CSEs / CBST to find the right fit for students.

The Biondi Education Center specializes in supporting students with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, autism, and/or other health impairments, in accordance with each student’s  Individual Education Program (IEP). We see evidence of success every day. Children who could not read learn to read; a student expelled from every other school is able to apply himself and becomes 

student of the month—twice! LGBTQ youth who have felt isolated find a new home at Biondi and our acclaimed Residential Treatment Center. Young people who have repeatedly stumbled and have stopped dreaming of success realize they can complete school and graduate.

In fact, 100% of Biondi High School graduates go on to college, vocational training, or employment after graduation.

We support Committees on Special Education (CSEs) on achieving the specific goals of each student’s IEP. We also work with the Central Base Support Team (CBST) in New York City and CSEs on referrals. We encourage you to reach out and learn more or even visit to see if Biondi is right for the students you support. There truly is something special here, and we invite you to see it firsthand.

Call our Director of Admissions Stephanie Buckman today at 914-343-5178 or email us at


We help parents through the process. Call us!

Although students have to be referred to us by the CBST or a CSE to be considered for admission, we are happy to speak to parents and guide them through the process.

Feel free to reach out to us at 914-410-5596 or


Come and meet us. We love visitors!

Visitors are amazed when they visit the Biondi Education Center. They see students on task and engaged in their work. There truly is something special, and we invite you to see it firsthand.

Call our Director of Admissions Tara Richards today at 914-410-5596 to schedule a visit or email us at

Contact us to learn more about the Biondi School and enrolling

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