190 Bracelet

Celebrate 190 Years of Hope & Opportunity with a commemorative bracelet!

Part Art, Part Heart // Beauty and benevolence, passion and pride, creativity and caring. Mon-Sai Jewelry™️ lives at the intersection of this duality – between art and heart. Known for a style all its own. Loved for its versatility. Whether dressed up or down, every piece of Mon-Sai Jewelry™️ stands out and stands strong. The looks are endless and so is the commitment to giving back. Pillars of Mon-Saiety™: Create with love. Design innovatively. Give from the heart. Live boldly.

The proceeds from these bracelet sales are being donated by Mon-Sai Jewelry™️ to support the work of Rising Ground to continue our 190-year tradition of helping children, adults, and families in New York City overcome adversity to find positive paths forward.

Mon-Sai Jewelry